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Affiliates: FTC guidelines require the disclosure of affiliate relationships that result in generation of revenue, so here’s mine, along with a report of the affiliate relationships that are a source of potential revenue for theevolvedfoodie.com.

When you purchase an item that is linked in a recipe (or elsewhere) on theevolvedfoodie.com by clicking a link to the vendors listed below, theevolvedfoodie.com may receive a small commission. This does not result in an increase of the sales price of that product to you.

Link love: I link to products I’ve personally used or love. If I purchase a product either here in NYC or on my travels, I’ll try to find a link to a similar product so that you can easily purchase or research if you so choose. Not all links will have commission based relationships though! Some are just sites, recipes or resources I use or love. I encourage you to use any links as a kicking off point for your own research and shopping needs.

The following companies and theevolvedfoodie.com are engaged in affiliate relationships:

  • Amazon

The list will grow along with the site.

Attribution: I generally don’t follow recipes closely and make up my own as I go. On this blog though, I might include favorites that were inspired by recipes of others. I will always try to provide attribution and links when possible, along with my own notes, substitutions or tips.

Questions? It’s entirely possible that I have answers:

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