Hi, I’m Rachel. So glad you could pop in and I do hope you’ll stay for a while. You can read a bit more about me here. Meanwhile, here’s some information about what this site is or isn’t.

What The Evolved Foodie is:

A Work in Progress:

The Evolved Foodie™ is not a definitive resource for eating better or smarter. It’s a nascent place for me to post my thoughts on ways in which I choose to buy, cook and prepare food in the ways I hope will nurture my healthier outlook and lifestyle. I hope it will inspire you too!

A Labor of Love:

The Evolved Foodie is near and dear to my heart and it’s incredibly gratifying when people tell me that comes across. This site is more about sharing what’s worked for me and hoping it helps others on their own journeys.

Mindful Meals & Munchies:

The Evolved Foodie™ is a fun resource for those already committed to finding better food alternatives. It’s for those who’d rather stop and prepare, than grab the first thing at hand (or in store). There really aren’t any rules, but my goal is to create, prepare and highlight unprocessed or minimally processed, whole grain when possible, little or no preservatives, nutrient rich food that tastes fantastic. And yeah, it’s an acquired taste.

Some Recipes Too:

This blog will also contain a modest collection of recipes that work for me. Since I tend to cook as I go instead of rigidly following any one recipe or set of instructions, the recipes that I choose to share will include suggestions- but are more guidelines than anything for creative cooks and are open for your own interpretation. If my recipe was inspired by one I’ve found online or in a cookbook, I will make every effort to include attribution, inspiration or links.

Please Practice Recipe and Content Karma: I believe in karma, so I will always try to credit anyone I’ve learned from or been inspired by. I hope you love these recipes which I’ve worked hard to create, photograph, write about and share, and unless mentioned are all original. As such, please practice good recipe karma and don’t copy or rip off my original content in any form. If you’d like to run a recipe on your own blog or outlet, please contact me first. If you’re inspired enough to create your own version, please remember to link back and provide proper attribution and while you’re at it- add a hashtag! #evolvedfoodie

No Sugar, But Spice, and Everything Nice:

Because of a number of food restrictions, sensitivities and allergies, this isn’t a blog that included many ingredients most of you use on a daily basis – like sugar or wheat or corn syrup or Stevia. And I hate to tell you this, but the Evolved Foodie is also a bacon-free zone. My food tastes are evolving along with me, and so I’ll experiment with spices and ingredients that might not appeal to more mainstream palates at times- and I’ll tell you when I goof up. Also, for your own reference, the only sweeteners I use at this time are maple syrup or honey.

Oh, So Friendly:

The vast majority of the recipes on this site will be vegetarian or vegan friendly. It’s also possible that many will flirt closely with Paleo or Keto plans as well and many will be easily adaptable for those who have celiac or choose a gluten-free life…but. I make no claims that these recipes are stringently one or the other, since people can be very specific about their dietary needs or restrictions. Please make the wisest choices for your own lifestyle.

A Lexicon or Foodie-pedia:

Words about food can be confusing sometimes. This incomplete lexicon should make it easier.

A Book That Changed My Life:

I’ll probably write about it someday, but today’s not that day. But Always Hungry? By Dr. David Ludwig pretty much changed my relationship with food forever.

Beautiful for Me/Beautiful We:

I’m not a professional food photographer, nor do I play one on the internet. I do, however, love making food look as lovely as possible when at all possible. So there might be a pesto smudge or stray piece of cilantro in any given picture- don’t judge. My point being, even when it’s just a snack, I try to make it matter.

Product Reviews and Recommendations:

I’ll also include reviews and recommendations of products or ingredients that I love and use. From time to time I might tell you something is worth buying; that’s because I’ve splurged or heard good things about it, or became obsessed with a sample I’ve tested for a different outlet or article. I tend to review a lot (A LOT) of products, so I have a good idea of what’s hype or what’s worth an investment. I’m considered a tastemaker and industry expert in numerous industries, but since this isn’t a corporate owned property, everything here is simply one woman’s viewpoint and should be taken as such. I don’t take payment for reviews because I know that I always feel uncomfortable with that kind of hard sell, and above all I strive for authenticity. I am however open to creative ways we can work together and will always clearly label any sponsorships or partnerships. Drop me a line if you have an idea.

What It Isn’t:

Not a Health Resource: The Evolved Foodie isn’t an alternative to any organized nutritional guidance or medical advice. This is a personal blog, and since I’m not a professional nutritionist, doctor or dietitian, you should check with one before making any changes to your own diet or lifestyle.

Sugary Sweet: It also isn’t about trendy bites to the exclusion of good taste. There’s going to be a high concentration of foods for grown-up and evolved palates…like my own.

Calorie Conscious: After careful consideration, I’ve decided not to include calorie count with any recipes. Calories aren’t all bad; they keep us going. They fuel our lives. They bedevil us and confound us and take up far too much of our valuable thoughts. Part of my journey toward happier, healthier eating is concentrating on delicious foods that have quality ingredients and are prepared by me, for me and my loved ones, instead of mass produced. My focus is on the best or purest ingredients and a balanced plate. I’m cognizant of calories and intake, they just no longer rule my own thoughts. You’re free of course to use your favorite online tools or apps to figure out the calories for each dish.

THE NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: Since this is a blog, FTC guidelines require me to inform you that I sometimes receive product samples or prototypes from companies to test out. That never guarantees coverage, much less positive coverage. I also buy a lot- and buy a lot of gifts, so I don’t give preferential treatment or coverage to PR samples over my own picks. This is a brand new venture, so policies may change or update without notice. Also, if I link to a product, I might be linking to an affiliate link and potentially earning a small commission on sales- not always though. More often than not it’s simply to share something I love. More details here.

That should cover it. Something else? Ask away:

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