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Nice Rice Crackers

In case you’re wondering

People always ask me if I buy any ready-made food, and the answer is of course I do! I really try to limit it to basics or things that are too time-consuming or counterproductive to produce on my own.  I’m always hunting for food or snacks that aren’t loaded with preservatives or hard to pronounce ingredients  and will start sharing some of my favorites with you. Here’s one.

The evolution of rice cakes

One of the worst parts of eating a fairly restricted diet means that you often can’t eat most of the things that everyone else does. One of the best parts of eating a fairly (okay, extremely) restricted diet, means you try out things you might never otherwise have paid attention to…like rice crackers.

Remember rice cakes? Those ubiquitous round crackers that much had no taste, much less one that even remotely resembled rice or cakes. But we ate them. And we were grateful for a bread-substitute and something that provided a level of satiety or at least something to accompany our tuna fish – even if it looked and tasted like Styrofoam.

I Laiki these…

In more recent times, the healthier food aisles are brimming with options. It almost feels as though for every decadent calorie-laden treat introduced, there’s something launched to combat the gooey.

I was at a grocery store in a new-to-me neighborhood a few weeks back and scanning through all the crackery goodness when I spotted Laiki wholegrain black rice crackers.

I’ve always been vigilant about reading ingredient lists even as they contain unpronounceable items, but they made it pretty easy since the Laiki ingredient list included three things – rice, oil, salt. A quick search also revealed that the oil in question is palm fruit oil – the good one*, in case you’re wondering. I didn’t have high hopes for the taste though, because rice cakes.

I was wrong.

I’m not sure how something with so few ingredients can taste so so good, but these crackers are just delish. The right amount of crisp, enough salt to give them some flavor and some oil to make them feel like a treat instead of just a place-holder.

*You can read more about the battle of the palm oils on the Harvard Women’s Health Watch


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