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DIY Brightening Sheet Face Mask

The Evolution of Foodie Beauty:

Growing up, my brother used to always tease me because I found ways to repurpose cooking leftovers in a big way. Shredded potatoes went under my eyes to minimize dark circles, while extra cooking oil might be used to moisturize my cuticles. I’d steam my face while cooking pasta, and whip up face and body scrubs with old coffee grounds. At the time, I had no idea that a large part of my professional life would eventually be dedicated to studying, analyzing and developing cosmetics, but I definitely got an early start.

Oy, Whey!

I’ve been experimenting with making a lot of yogurt lately (recipes shall follow), specifically Greek yogurt. As anyone who’s made yogurt knows, there can be a lot of leftovers, mainly in the form of this sour smelling liquid better known as whey. If you’ve ever squeezed cheesecloth hard to create homemade cheese or Greek style yogurt, you’ve probably noticed your hands becoming noticeably softer by the time you were done. There’s a reason for it. The milk proteins and lactic acid that are concentrated in the whey can act as a gentle exfoliant and skin brightener. Historically, Cleopatra was famed for bathing in donkey milk to keep her skin beautiful and smooth. More recently, spas, dermatologists and cosmetic manufacturers have been using lactic acid in treatment to great results.

Just the Mask Please:

This one is really easy to make. All you need is the whey from your yogurt or cheese making efforts and a paper towel.

  • Paper masks originated in Asia and are incredibly popular because of the ease of use, ability to target specific areas and almost instant results.
  • I used two paper towels from a roll that has individual perforations simply because I could fold the two sheets in half and cut out eye-holes, and one for my nose and mouth (and no, I’m not going to share a pic of the mask in action). Don’t worry about the sizing, it’s an imperfect science. I was tempted to do a Phantom of the Opera style sheet mask, but resisted!
  • Fold the mask in quarters and then loosely dip into the whey. You’re not looking to fully saturate the mask and don’t want it to drip, you merely want the entire thing to be just wet.
  • Shake off mask so it’s not drippy and apply starting by your hairline and gently pushing down so the entire mask comes into contact with your face.
  • Relax for about 10-20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cool to tepid water and wait a few minutes before applying your regular moisturizer or treatment.
  • Glow

–Please note that some people have sensitivities to lactic acids, so exercise caution if you have milk allergies or sensitivity.
–Please also note that like so many home treatments, this one hasn’t been prettied by additives or fragrances. To put it bluntly, it smells like baby spit up, but it’s really effective, so consider yourself warned!

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