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I’ve written extensively about topics ranging from faith, mindfulness and spirituality, to inner beauty, beauty and corporate culture. What I’ve never done though, is publicly do a deep delve through my own journey toward healing and a healthier relationship with food. That’s part of what The Evolved Foodie will be about.

Meanwhile, I’ve written three award winning non-fiction award-winning books (and ghostwritten a few others). They have nothing to do with food or recipes, but they do tap into topics that align with the pursuit of a more fulfilling and balanced life. You might want to have a look:

Ancient Prayer: Channeling Your Faith 365 Days of the Year (Fall River Press 1/16) was the first faith based title commissioned by/printed by Barnes and Noble and initially launched as a Barnes and Noble exclusive. Ancient Prayer offers daily inspiration and wisdom from the past that ground us and help us put things into perspective, using biblical texts and prayers by early philosophers, poets, and spiritual leaders. These bite-sized lessons remind us to appreciate the truly important things in life and not lose sight of the higher power that guides us all.

During the frenzied flurry of modern daily life, it can sometimes be hard to remember what matters most. So take a deep breath and take a moment to remind yourself of the moments that matter most. With modern wisdom culled from ancient texts, this beautiful gift book adds a bit of inspiration to even the most frazzled day.

Career and Corporate Cool (Wiley 2007 ) launched in partnership with global giant Nokia and one of’s picks for most interesting career book of 2007 and an Entrepreneur magazine pick for one of five “page turners for women entrepreneurs.” Career and Corporate Cool can be found in many business and university libraries and is considered a must have for those entering the workplace or looking to upgrade their personal brand and image. I lecture and lead workshops on defining your personal style and brand, corporate etiquette and more.

Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America ‘40s-‘60s , a NY Public Library pick for 2006, inspired a week-long retro beauty event at Henri Bendel including the 5th Avenue windows and main atrium decorated Hello Gorgeous! style. Hello Gorgeous! is also used as a text-book in cosmetic merchandising and marketing programs. I frequently lecture on the history of beauty, women’s spending power and the cosmetic industry at universities and private corporations including cosmetic and fragrance corporations.

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